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Better Places to Work, Live, and Play

Modern Challenges:

From increased urbanisation, poor air quality, resource management, noise, transportation and safety, congestion, ageing infrastructure, these challenges affect the lives of everyday cities

Modern Challenges:

A Road to Nowhere: Changing Mobility But More Cars Than Ever

  • Canada manufactured 2.2 M cars in 2015
  • Approx. 23 Kg of textiles are used to make each car
  • By 2020, 12kg more will be added
  • An average of 2-3 kg of HQ waste is produced in each car
  • Approximately 4,850 – 7,275 TONS of waste is created EACH YEAR!

A new type of materials company.

From yesterday's car waste to tomorrow's new solutions.

A socially conscious business with a revolutionary new product.

What we do:

We manufacture smart sustainable materials and create products to improve quality of life and livability: for a better world.

Textile Waste.

Take material directed to landfills and divert them to useful materials


Patented manufacturing that is sustainable and scalable


Products and services leveraging the unique and valuable properties of textile waste

What we do:

Making sense of the built environment.

Products: Green roofs, noise and vibration barriers, tram grass, insulation.

Why is Brens so useful?

Want a cleaner, healthier, smarter city?


100% recyclable, mould resistant, non toxic, low carbon footprint, flameproof.


High noise absorption, dampens vibration, water retention functionality, Thermal insulation, cost.


Reduced noise, biodiversity and greenness, clean air, cool the surrounding air by up to 18C.

Why is Brens so useful?

Vertical Markets


Support rail/transit infrastructure & city storm water drainage requirements including noise/vibration, health, water retention, aesthetics, and cost


Provide insulation, noise absorption, and green roof technology with reduced infrastructure support requirements


Reduce noise and vibration of factory machinery

The Big Challenge For Cities:

Drive Economic Growth and Improve Quality of Life

Reducing car waste

Reduce noise pollution

Keep cities healthy

Making cities safe and secure

The Big Challenge For Cities: